Manhattan Recon Trip Nov 2014

A quick 2 day trip to Manhattan. We flew out Nov 10 and returned Nov 12. I had a training class that was canceled, so we decided to take the days and have a little fun in Manhattan.  Keith in 1st ClassWe hopped on a 9am flight to Newark. We stopped by to see some friends who have a yacht docked at Lincoln Harbor. Then it was off by ferry across the Hudson River to Manhattan. It’s a fun trip if you get the chance. You can take the train from Newark, transfer to the local line and get off right at the Sheraton Hotel. The ferry dock is right there!

We stayed at the New Yorker this trip. We have friends who like to stay there. It is a wonderful example of the Art Deco buildings in New York. IMG_2190

Every trip to New York, no matter how short, must include a trip to Chinatown Chanitown, NYCand Joe’s Shanghai on Pell Street! We found Joe’s about 5 years ago during our 1st trip for the New York Gift Fair. The Boys do Joe'sNo reservations, cash only, but its worth any wait. Joe’s is known for their Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao). Tender steamed dumpling with a special secret inside! You can share or keep them all for yourself, which we often do.


Xiao Long Bao Beware, though, eating these incredibly delicious dumplings is an art. Joe’s has put together a video on the art of Kill Soup Dumpling. IMG_2188Full on dumplings after a wonderful day we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.

Nov 11, 2014 was Veteran’s Day, which means parade in NYC. This float kinda choked me up.  IMG_2193Being a veteran gives me a deep patriotic vein. I’m proud of my service and of those who served before and after me. Our military service is voluntary. this means we chose to defend our country. Something many people forget.

We hopped the subway to Brooklyn for the day to meet up with a photographer friend of ours. Not having been to Brooklyn before Steven took us on a walk around Brooklyn Heights. What a wonderful place. Keith and I were both drawn to the city. If I had to move, I could live there. We stopped by a coffee shop and had a snack with our Nutella Lattes.

IMG_2199IMG_2198IMG_2197IMG_2196Brooklyn BridgeA beautiful day to walk through the park.

Brooklyn Heights has been used for a lot of movies. Here’s the house from Moonstruck.IMG_2206





We took in Hedwig and the Angry Inch that night. Michael C Hall was the lead. It was ‘off the chain.’






IMG_2207The Empire State Building was light in Red, White and Blue for Veteran’s day. It brought a tear to my eye!

We got up the next morning and did a little shopping at Macy’s. Always a fun time.IMG_2217

We hopped the train at Penn Station back to Newark. Really, this is a great way to get to/from Manhattan. We had a nice dinner on the plane.