It’s time to start adding some recipes

Well, this site has been up for a little while. A lot has changed in my life. I have a new job with the same company. I am really digging it. I am learning Lean Six Sigma, which is basically process engineering to reduce waste. We are traveling a lot. It seems that one of us is traveling about every other week. This is a change for us and it makes for some lonely nights, but change can be good. There is something about missing someone and then getting to see them again which makes like all the more interesting and makes you realize how much you appreciate the ones you love.

I still have hundreds of photos to go through and classify into albums. I need to just start getting to them in the evenings instead of watching the old boob tube.


I also love to cook, so I will be posting recipes to this blog. It will be things we like and want to share. Mostly Vegetarian, but there are some good old comfort food recipes too. I think had i been brought up vegetarian I wouldn’t enjoy eating things I know I shouldn’t. I can say that we have cut down dramatically the meat we consume. It’s maybe once a week, and the portions are usually much smaller. We also go for what we really like and make sure it’s good quality.