The Antigua & Barbuda Tinman Rohr Triathlon

Jonathan Rohr legacy continues on. The Antigua & Barbuda Tinman Rohr Triathlon this past weekend was a great event. We met many of Jonathan’s friends over the last couple of days. It’s wonderful and heart warming to know how loved Jonathan was. The welcome we received was truly remarkable. From the barbeque the night before the race, where we had the most incredible Jerk Chicken throughout the weekend until we left. Everyone was open and friendly and made us feel a part of the event.

The Tinman Rohr was the brainchild of Antiguan triathletes: Andre Simon, Wayne Henry and Rory Butler along with Jonathan Rohr – a triathlete and American medical student who studied on the island.

The athletes together decided they wanted to start a challenging event on the island that would inspire people and attract some of the world’s best athletes to our shores while offering a fun and exciting way for people to accomplish a half-iron distance triathlon.

I have created some galleries of the photos I took of the event.


The Antigua & Barbuda Tinman Rohr Triathlon, or Tinman Rohr for short, is dedicated to the memory and legacy of a friend and triathlete Jonathan Rohr. In tragic circumstances, Jonathan – a founder of the event – died of a sudden heart failure in his sleep in the months leading up to the inaugural race. Jonathan had been training heavily in anticipation to compete in the first race but tragically never had that opportunity.

Jonathan was a true force in his time in Antigua; he was instrumental in raising the level of triathlon in the country and served as a bond between American medical students and the wider community. He was an inspiration to many in the school and in the sporting community through his continued hard work, determination and positive demeanor.

We’ve returned from our trip with wonderful memories from the event. Here are some I would like to share.


Jonathan’s uncle Jeff Emmons participated in the Triathlon again this year. 20140823-tinman-rohr-0445

Cary Emmons, Jeff’s wife, also participated in the swim. Sybil Shepard, Jonathan’s mother attended as well as his father John Rohr.